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We offer a wide range of health retreats, breathwork sessions, men’s connections, sporting recovery, business and corporate team building, holistic and motivational seminars, sister circle ceremonies, wedding day pamper prep, hens gatherings and more. Below is an example to give you an idea of a customised retreat, enquire about a bespoke package that suits your needs.

Sample Retreat

Set your self up for success and prioritise your wellbeing. Join us at the Wellness Centre Port Stephens for our Spring into Wellness Retreat onsite at the Oasis at One Mile Beach. Set in a serene and peaceful rainforest paradise, only a 600m walk from stunning One Mile beach, there is no place like The Oasis.


Where it all begins…

2:00pm: It’s so lovely to meet you! Arrive anytime from 12pm to settle in, enjoy some light refreshments and soak in your surroundings as you relax.

6:00pm: Sink in Slow Flow

7:00-8:00pm: Delicious Dinner

8:00-9:00pm: Welcoming & Energy Healing Sound Bath. Soothe your soul with the deep relaxation that comes from the vibrations and frequencies of the instrument used in sound healing. This will have a profound effect on the body, and mind, helping to release blockages and promote healing.

Day 2

7:30-8:00am: Mindful Mother Nature Walk. Start your day with the gentle movement and mindfulness to nourish your mind and body.

8:00-9:00am Gentle Yoga

9:00-9:45am: Morning Munch

10:00-11:30am: Wellness Workshop. Learn about wellbeing and what it means for you. Experiential learning to take away micro daily practices to integrate into you daily life, to protect yourself from illness and enhance all dimensions of wellbeing.

11:30-1:00pm: Ayurvedically Living Lesson. Interactive workshop and cooking lesson on how to fuel your body through Ayurvedic Living and enjoy your creation for lunch.

1:00-2:00pm: Lovely Lunch

2:00-4:30pm: Free Time. Explore and connect with the local beauty across our gorgeous region. With an abundance of beautiful beaches at your doorstep, take a hike through the iconic Tomaree Walk, sport a whale or a dolphin, hire a surfboard or SUP or Simply relax pool side amongst our sub-tropical rainforest.

4:30-6:30pm: Soul Awakening & Harmonious Manifestation Workshop. Embark on a profound journey of self discovery and spiritual growth through creativity. Awaken your intuition and connect with you higher self, exploring depths of your inner being. experience an immersive journey, embracing the power of your voice, the magic of mantras, and the creativity of the art to help you manifest your deepest desires.

7:00-8:00pm: Delectable Dinner

8:00-9:00pm: Dance with you Inner Light. A transformative dance experience that invites you to unleash your authentic self through movement. Shed Inhibitions, release stress, and celebrate your uniqueness on the dance floor. Let you inner light shine brightly with us. Join the dance, ignite your spirit and embrace your brilliance!

Day 3

7:30-8:00am: Mother Nature Meditation

8:00-9:45am: Morning Munch

10:00-10:45am: Newfound Friend Farewell. Celebrate our growth with a Sacred Taste Cacao Ceremony through sharing stories and setting intentions helps us to connect and empower each other on our journey forward. Honouring our collective connection and expressing gratitude as we return on our own paths to create conscious change in the world.

12:00pm: Until we meet again. Although the retreat has ended your are welcome to explore the ground and stay a little longer until 2:00pm