Welcome back to YOGA

As you’re all probably aware we’re able to restart our yoga classes @ Wellness Centre. At present the number of participants allowed in the room is 10 (social distancing still applies)

We are considering what we can do as best practice so that we can all feel joyous and confident about returning to classes at WC. There are a number of changes being initiated as of now. We will be keeping you informed of updates in the coming weeks.

We’ll resume classes on the 1st July & begin one class – Wednesday 9.30am (general level, beginners welcome) & when this class is maximised a second class will open. This means bookings & payments in advance are essential.

Props and hygiene
We think you will be more confident coming to class using your own gear, and realistically we can’t clean and sanitise all the soft props after every class. We will have our work cut out cleaning / sanitising permanent fixtures, walls, handles, and other frequently touched surfaces.

Bringing your own mat

When we return to classes at WC, students will be required to have their own yoga mat (not a pilate mat) and be responsible for bringing it to class sanitised. The easy-grip yoga mats are lightweight and economical. You can purchase one from Vim & save on delivery fee or go to www.iyogaprops.com.au

In class the only props we’ll be working with are – 1 strap & 2 blocks, all other props will not be available for usage. You’re welcome to bring your own blankets & bolsters if you think you may need them but they are not essential. Ensure they are sanitised before each session.

We look forward to seeing you back on the mat, it’s been too long.

Let your Light shine.



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