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Psychic Medium Readings with Nadine2019-04-26T10:37:41+10:00

Project Description

Psychic Medium Readings

Nadine is an Aboriginal psychic medium and healer.

Nadine is a local Worimi woman who has strong connections to the spirit world, the land and the environment including our animal spirit guides, through her Ancestral connections.

Nadine connects with the spirit world to pass on messages that are needed for you at the time to help you heal and grow.

‘I love helping people and giving them messages from the spirit world, I also love awakening people to their own awareness that they hold the ability to heal in their hands and they are capable of so much more then they realise. I’m here as a messenger to give messages from the spirit world to help you wherever you may be in your life. I’m not here to judge you, I’m here to help and support you along your path to healing’.

Readings are done using Aboriginal oracle cards and the tarot.

*Readings are done for those over the age of 18yrs.

Priced at $55 for a 30 minute reading