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Psoas Workshop2019-07-05T12:39:29+10:00

Project Description

Unlock Your Psoas – a focus on hip, pelvis and lower back

The Psoas muscle is a deep-seated core muscle in the pelvis connecting the lumbar vertebrae and femur. Come along to the Wellness Centre Port Stephens and learn exercises and breathing techniques to alleviate symptoms.
Symptoms of a shortened, weak or tight psoas include:
• Lumbar lordosis (sway back)
• Shallow breathing
• Lower back pain
• Find out how sedentary activities, stress or anxiety can affect this muscle
Taught by Fiona Scope, Dip RMT, Dip Yoga
Date: Saturday 6th July
Time: 3pm to 4pm
Cost: $35
Book: To confirm your spot at the workshop, please pay for your ticket using the paypal button