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Feet 3 Ways! Refresh Your Body Package2018-09-28T07:25:58+00:00

Project Description

Feet 3 ways! Refresh Your Body Package

Just $125 for a 1 hour session

This treatment package includes 3 treatments in 1 to stimulate, detoxify and enhance your energy levels all through giving your feet some love! This 1 hour treatment package includes: A Detox Foot Spa Treatment, a mini Reflexology Treatment, and finishes with a Naturopathic Hydrotherapy treatment. All 3 for only $125!!

PRICE: $125


  • A Detox Foot Spa Treatment: We are continually amazed with the results from detox foot spa treatments! The detox foot spa helps stimulate your body to self-detoxify and this may continue for up to 48 hours!
  • A mini foot Reflexology Treatment- A foot reflexology treatment uses varying amounts of pressure applied to the feet to promote and encourage healing in all parts of the body. It feels like a lovely foot rub and is very relaxing.
  • A Naturopathic Hydrotherapy foot treatment- A Naturopathic Hydrotherapy treatment stimulates all organs to function at optimal levels. By using varying temperatures of water applied to the feet, this treatment (that has been used for hundreds of years in Germany), encourages healing and balance in the body.

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