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Project Description

Beauty Treatments

Wellness Centre brings to all its valuable clients a range of unique daily beauty routine treatments that are totally worth the time and money.


Eyebrows reshape 30 mins $35
Eyebrows trim/tidy 15mins $20
Lip/chin 20 mins $25
Full face 30 mins $40
1/2 legs 20 mins $30
Full legs 45 mins $65
Bikini line 15 mins $25
Underarms 15 mins $25
Full Legs + 1 area (under-arms, bikini or lip/chin) 1hr $75
Brazilian & Underarms 1hr $75


Lash and brow 20 mins $35
Lash or brow 15 mins $20

Medi/ Pedi

Time: 45 mins
Cost: $69

Focuses on removing ( dissolving) of the hard, cracked and calloused heels and returning them to soft, smooth and hydrated feet.

IPL Permanent Hair Removal

Cost: From $49

This safe, fast and painless treatment emits a light energy which is absorbed by melanin ( pigment) in the hair which travels down the hair shaft destroying the hair follicle, resulting in permanent  hair removal and elimination of ingrown hairs. It needs colour ( does not work on blonde, red or grey hair.) Please shave 3 days prior to treatment. Time allocated only allows for a dry shave of 3 days of hair growth.

$159: Half legs. 20 mins
$69: Brazilian. 20 mins
$49: Underarms. 10 mins
$159: Men’s back. 30 mins